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Angled Fibre Optic Connector

alker fibre optic specialists manufacture angled fibre optic connector boots in 45°, 90° or custom specifications.


alker optical equipment angled fibre connector

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This brand new lightweight and compact fibre optic connector boot works with Singlemode fibre (OS1 or OS2 9/125) or Multimode fibre (OM2, OM3 and OM4 50/125 or OM1 62.5/125) set at a 45° or 90° angle to the ferrule with only minimal dB loss – typically 0.2dB. The angle of the fibre optic connector boot can be rotated and fixed in place from 0° to 180°, which makes it an ideal option for applications where space is limited.

The angled fibre optic connector boot is available for:

  • LC (UPC & APC) Fibre Optic Connector
  • FC (FLAT, UPC & APC) Fibre Optic Connector
  • SC (FLAT, UPC & APC) Fibre Optic Connector
  • MU (UPC & APC) Fibre Optic Connector
  • ST (FLAT, UPC) Fibre Optic Connector
  • SMA (FLAT & UPC) Fibre Optic Connector

Comprising of a small diameter tube and extending less than 25mm from the back of the fibre optic connector, it is the perfect choice for limited space applications.
For duplex applications the fibre optic connector boot can be further customised in an under-and-over or side-by-side configuration, thus maximising the available space.

The fibre optic patchcord assembly can be ruggedised to:

  • 900um jacket
  • 2mm jacket
  • 3mm jacket
  • 1.5mm stainless steel armour
  • 3mm jacketed armour

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