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Fibre Breakout Cable Example

A breakout cable is used when you need to connect two areas of your infrastructure together; whether this is connecting floors in the same building, connecting two buildings on your campus or for linking deployable equipment to a control room.

alker offer internal and external fibre optic breakout cables for different environments.

Internal Breakout

Internal assemblies are used for in-building deployment in ducting, trunking with most common connectors and polishes available.

External Breakout

External assemblies are used where the cable would run through a harsh environment and a more rugged assembly is required. Our external breakout assemblies boast additional features such as; rodent resistant E-glass yarn, strength members, ripcord and corrugated steel tape armour with a low density polyethylene sheath.

Our breakouts are available in:


  • OM1, OM2, OM3 or OM4 (multimode) and OS1 and OS2 (singlemode) standard (ISO/IEC 11801)
  • Tight buffered cable or loose tube
  • Ruggedisation to withstand rodent attack, water, high or low temperatures or excessive vibration
  • Fibre count 4 to 24
  • Connector types DIN, E2000, FC, LC, SC and ST
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