Case Study

BT Group PLC

alker’s brief was to break out the 8 core fibre optic cable into micro-armoured stainless steel 1.5 mm diameter tails and terminate with E2000 APC connectors. The overall diameter could not exceed 16mm (to help visualise this 1-pence piece is 18mm). The cable was to run alongside high voltage power cables and due to the harsh environment the breakout required insulation and waterproofing.

We are most impressed with the products produced by alker, they listened carefully to our requirements

Simon Williams, BT Group Plc

Recently alker Fibre Optics have designed and produced a number of armoured 8 core single mode fibre optics cables for the world’s oldest telecommunications company, BT Group Plc. Each individual order had unique specifications which meant alker had to work with the customer to adapt and customise every product in order to fulfil these varying requirements.

alker collaborated with the project management team of BT Innovate and Design to create the cables that would be utilised for transmitting satellite data. Three cables were produced of various lengths, most recently an 800 metre length. alker’s extensive experience and expertise in the field enabled our highly skilled technicians to create a bespoke fibre optic solution for BT.

Simon Williams, BT’s Innovate and Design Project Manager says: “We are most impressed with the service and products produced by alker. They’ve listened carefully to our requirements and have optimised designs to manufacture “Inter Facility Links” connecting between our outdoor satellite terminals and indoor equipment. These links featured at customers’ sites (within underground ducts) which required strong pulling properties. Fibres had to be pre-terminated and tested before installation with the connectors made waterproof. alker successfully managed to tailor-make a ruggedised solution with impressive breakout tails of individual fibre cores, giving a reliable solution with “Right First Time” test results.”

Unique Selling Points

  • 16mm break out assembly.
  • 1.5mm stainless steel armoured fibre optic tails.
  • Fully insulated against high voltage.
  • Waterproofed for installation.
  • Lightweight, 316 SS, eight core, single mode.
  • The pull-cord integral to the design allows the cable to be manipulated through the pipe located underground.

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