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Fibre Breakout Cables

A breakout cable is used when you need to connect two areas of your infrastructure together; whether this is connecting floors in the same building, connecting two buildings on your campus or for linking deployable equipment to a control room.

alker offer indoor and outdoor fibre optic breakout cables for different environments.

alker builds all breakouts to order and as such offer our bespoke Breakouts on a two week lead time. If you have a deployment that requires a faster turn around time please call us to discuss our options. We will process your order sooner on a best effort basis.

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alker optical equipment external breakout

Our breakouts are available in:

  • OM1, OM2, OM3 or OM4 (multimode) and OS1 (singlemode) standard (ISO/IEC 11801)
  • Tight buffered cable or loose tube
  • Ruggedisation to withstand rodent attack, water, high or low temperatures or excessive vibration
  • Fibre count 2 to 24
  • Connector types DIN, E2000, FC, LC, SC and ST

Breakout cables are made of several fibre cables bundled together and are often used for conduit runs, riser and plenum applications.

To buy our standard breakout cable for up to 24 fibres please visit our Fibre Breakout Shop.

alker optical equipment internal breakout

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