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Fibre Optic Attenuators

Fibre optic attenuators are used when you need to reduce or balance the power of the light transmitted from one device to another. This is vital so that the receiving equipment is not damaged due to high power levels. alker can offer a number of styles of fibre optic attenuators.
Fixed Patchcord Attenuators

This is a patchcord with the attenuation integral to the lead. They display the following characteristics:


  • 0.5dB increments from 0.5dB to 30dB
  • Exceptional stability
  • Reduced connections
  • Attenuator position is customisable within the patchcord
Fixed Inline Attenuator (Female to Male Adaptor Bullet)

This is an adaptor with the attenuation within. These attenuators display the following characteristics:


  • 1dB increments from 1dB to 10dB
  • 5dB increments from 10dB to 25dB
  • FC, SC, ST, LC, MU and SMA connectors
  • Small form factor

Variable Optical Attenuators

These are similar to the inline patchcord, however they are ‘variable’ which allows for exact matching to your system or network. These attenuators display the following characteristics:


  • Singlemode (SM)
  • Up to 20m long
  • Can be terminated with a wide range of connectors
  • dB value can be varied by the customer

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