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Fibre Optic Repair and Reverse Engineering – Selex

If you have damaged legacy fibre optics, obsolete fibre products within your system or can not find a replacement for your fibre optic link then reverse engineering is the solution.

alker Fibre Optics Specialists fibre optic repair and reverse engineering

alker have over 30 years experience within the fibre optic industry and understand the relationship between optical fibre, fibre optic connectors, assemblies and the best way to link systems together. Taking this fibre optic knowledge we can break down the existing connectors to determine the most appropriate course of repair, redesign or have new parts manufactured to extend there life within your system.

At alker we work closely with our customers to maintain existing products which are all produced within our UK facility by our trained fibre optic technicians. Your product will see up to 15 stages in manufacture including rigorous testing giving you the high level of confidence and reliability demanded of fibre optics.

After the delivery of your repaired product has arrived back to you we can continue our support through one of the Alker servicing programes tailored to suit the level of protection you feel is required for your product.

Call to discuss your requirements with one of our trained fibre optic technical engineers on 01342 870 941.

List of some specific products that we are able to repair:

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