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At alker our trained engineers have extensive fibre optic termination experience with connectors used within high risk and critical systems for the robotics, military, medical, telecommunications and space industries.
We provide a fast, qualified and reliable termination service.

alker Fibre Optics Specialists fibre optic termination

A large range of fibre optic assemblies can be purchased from alker online store.

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All the termination work is done at our facility in UK – we do not subcontract work to others. If however your product is highly restricted or not able to be removed from your company, we also provide onsite termination. We have helped customers with products restricted due to I.T.A.R. (international traffic in arms regulations), we have terminated and repaired without the products leaving the company.

We terminate a wide range of fibres including:

  • Glass optical fibre (GOF)
  • Plastic optical fibre (POF)
  • Polarisation maintaining fibre (PM)
  • Bundled fibre
  • Specialist fibres

These fibres can be terminated in a variety of methods including:

  • Cold cure gluing
  • Hot cure gluing
  • UV curing glue
  • Crimp termination

We can terminate into most:

  • Fibre Optics Connectors
  • Fibre Optics Ferrules
  • Fibre Optics Devices
  • Fibre Optics Arrays
  • Fibre Optics Prototypes

If you have a more specific requirement please contact us to discuss your needs.
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