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Plastic Optical Fibre

Plastic Optical Fibre (POF) is an optical fibre featuring a plastic core. It has found many uses including; sensing, home networking, data transmission and automotive applications.


Plastic Optical Fibre display the following charateristics :


  • 980/1000 fibre
  • Large core to cladding ratio
  • Short transmission runs < 100m
  • High numerical aperature
  • High mechanical flexibility
alker can terminate Plastic Optical Fibre onto the following connectors :


  • Avago connectors
  • Avago Devices
  • Versalink
  • FC
  • SC
  • ST
  • SMA
  • Toslink / FO-5
  • TOCP

alker offer a product that is polished to a high standard giving increased performance over “cut and crimp” terminations.

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