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Polarisation Maintaining patchcords

alker can terminate polarisation maintaining fibre into many popular connectors and devices in slow, fast or custom axis alignment.


The available connector range includes:

  • FC (UPC, FLAT and APC)
  • SC (UPC, FLAT and APC)
  • LC (UPC, FLAT and APC)
  • E2000 (UPC, FLAT and APC)
  • ST (UPC and FLAT )
  • MU (UPC and FLAT)
  • DIN (UPC and FLAT)

In development are:

  • ST (APC)
  • MU (APC)

We can terminate the three main polarisation maintaining (PM) fibre types; bowtie, panda and elliptical. These are available in wavelengths ranging from 450nm to 1550nm.

The polarisation maintaining fibre can be terminated in slow, fast or custom axis in relation to the keyway.


  • Typical return loss is 55dB<50dB for UPC
  • Typical return loss is 65dB<60dB for APC
  • Extinction ratio is typically 28dB<23dB
  • Insertion loss is typically 0.1dB>0.3dB

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