Variable Optical Attenuator

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Variable Optical Attenuator

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Alker Optical Equipment Variable Optical Attenuator

Fibre optic attenuators are passive devices used when the signal arriving at a receiver is too strong and need to be reduced. They are also used for stress testing, incrementally reducing the signal.

Attenuators can be made by adding a gap between two fibres (gap loss), misalignment, deliberate poor fusion splicing, inserting a neutral density filter or stressing the fibre for example by wrapping it. Source: FOA

alker offer Singlemode Variable Fibre Optic Attenuators (VOA) with a wide range of connectors. The Variable Attenuator can be adjusted via a set screw to fine tune the dB loss to match the needs of your environment.

The available Connectors are:

  • ST UPC
  • SC UPC
  • SC APC
  • LC UPC
  • LC APC
  • FC UPC
  • FC APC Narrow R-Type
  • FC APC Wide N-Type
  • E-2000 UPC
  • E-2000 APC
  • SMA

The minimum assembly length alker offer is 2m with the Variable Attenuator situated in the middle. On longer assemblies, the Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) will be positioned centrally as standard. If you require a bespoke VOA placement please call us on 01342 870 941.

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