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A coupler is a fibre optical device with one or more input fibres and one or several output fibres. Light from an input fibre can appear at one or more outputs, with the power distribution potentially depending on the wavelength and polarization. Couplers can be fabricated in different ways, for example by thermally fusing fibre so that their cores get into intimate contact.
If all involved fibre are singlemode (support only a single mode per polarization direction for a given wavelength), there are certain physical restrictions on the performance of the coupler. In particular, it is not possible to combine two or more inputs of the same optical frequency into one single polarization output without significant excess losses. However, such a restriction does not occur for different input wavelengths: there are couplers which can combine two inputs at different wavelengths into one output without exhibiting significant losses.

alker offer 1X2 Singlemode couplers with 1 meter long tails, 250 micron fiber Corning® SMF-28® 1300/1550nm 3dB loss, 9/125µ and 50/50 split ratio. These couplers are for use in assemblies where light from an input fibre is split into two output at the coupling ratio of 50/50.
These splitters/couplers can also be terminated with SC UPC, DIN UPC, SC APC, LC APC or UPC, ST UPC, FC UPC, FC APC(N), FC APC(R) connectors.


  • 1550 nm 1×2 Fiber Optic Splitters/Couplers
  • 50/50 Split Ratios Available
  • 1 meter long tails – fiber Corning® SMF-28® 1300/1550nm 3dB 9/125µ
  • Singlemode
  • Could also be terminated with DIN, FC, LC, or ST connectors both UPC or APC

alker can supply couplers that can be terminated with all our range of connectors.

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