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Fibre optic adaptors (also called couplers) are devices used to precisely mate and align the cores of two fibre optic connectors.

The integral alignment sleeve is the most critical and important part of a fibre optic adaptor. Phosphor bronze sleeves are more durable than zirconia ceramic sleeves meanwhile zirconia ceramic sleeves offer a more precise alignment.

Fibre optic adaptors are designed specifically for multimode or singlemode fibres. Adaptors for singlemode fibres need to have a more precise alignment than the adaptors for multimode fibres because of the smaller diameter of the core. Misalignment of the singlemode fibres can cause high insertion loss. Bronze alignment sleeves are most used for multimode fibres where precision alignment is not as critical.
The dimension of the cores is also the reason behind the need to connect multimode fibres both of the same core diameter or both 50/125 or both 62.5/125. A not complete alignment and match will cause attenuation if the transmission is from the larger core fibre into the smaller core fibre.

Fibre optic adaptors/couplers connect fibres terminated with the same connectors (SC to SC, LC to LC, etc.) both UPC or APC.
Hybrid adaptors mate different types of connectors (ST to SC, LC to SC, etc) aligning cores from ferrules with different sizes as is the case with LC and SC. Though they are less frequently used, due to attenuation and reflexion problems, hybrid adaptors can also mate connectors with different polishing: APC to UPC.

Fibre optic adaptors could be simplex, duplex or quad depending on the number of fibres that could connect. Most adaptors are female on both ends but some are male-female.

At alker we stock standard fibre optic adaptors: DIN, D4, EC, LC, SC, ST, MU, FC, REDEL 2, E2000 and SMA and hybrid fibre optic adaptors.

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