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alker offer fibre optic inline attenuators in a range of connectors, polishes and attenuation values. These inline attenuators are male to female so can be installed into your existing fibre infrastructure without new patchcords.

Available in 1dB increment from 1-10dB then 12, 15, 20 and 25dB values so you can match the decibel loss to what your equipment requires.

The available inline attenuators are:

  • FC UPC

  • FC APC

  • LC UPC

  • LC SPC

  • MU UPC

  • MU SPC

  • SC UPC

  • SC APC

  • ST UPC

« Select your Fibre Optic Attenuator »

Do you need a Patchcord?

alker offer a full range of Patchcords and Pigtails

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alker offer a full range of compatible dust caps

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