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Alker Optical Equipment Polarisation Maintaining Fibre

Polarisation maintaining patchcords and pigtails are manufactured by terminating tight tolerance keyway fibre optic connectors onto Bow-tie, Panda and Elliptical pm fibre from manufactures including Fibercore, Nufern, Fujikura and Sumitomo. This results in a Patchcord with excellent extinction ratio and insertion loss results.

  • High extinction ratios, typically 20dB to 30dB
  • Low insertion losses, typically <0.2dB

Polarisation maintaining fibre is aligned and terminated into the connectors. The fibre contains birefringent members that induce stress in the core giving the fibre its properties. When these birefringent members, also called stress members, are in alignment with the connector keyway the fibre is said to be aligned to the slow axis. When they are rotated 90 degrees to the keyway the fibre is said to be aligned to the fast axis.
Alker can terminate polarisation maintaining fibre aligned to the slow axis, fast axis, to a customer defined orientation as well as unaligned.

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