Sectors | Alker Fibre Optic Specialists


Alker fibre optic products are sought out and used in the harshest environments on the planet which demand the highest standards and quality – this includes space, underwater and deep underground.


We help develop ideas into products and we manufacture components for complex biomedical projects: from sensing and laser to biotechnology.


We extend the life of fibre optics within military equipment used in harsh environment through armouring. Through our range of armoured fibre optics, we extend the life of military equipment used in harsh environments. We develop bespoke inspection and cleaning kits approved for the Typhoon fighter jet


In mission-critical processes where failure is not an option, for one of the harshest environments, Alker provides reliable radiation-tolerant fibre optic solutions used in applications ranging from communication to sensing.


Alker provides fibre optic components used in flow management, sensing, oil exploration and drilling equipment.


From reverse engineering of obsolete parts to complete redesign of new solutions for complex projects in the transport sector.


Alker provides a range of products and solutions for the renewable energy sector, including micro armoured assemblies. These solutions are suitable for solar, wind and power plants.


Alker operates at the forefront of research and innovation through its network of collaborations with universities and research centres around the world.


We deliver highly specialised and customised products and assemblies to fit the scope and rigorous requirements of the aerospace industry.


We ensure quality, reliability, and safety for complex and sensitive fibre optic assemblies in spacecraft engineering and research.

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