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We specialise in the termination of optical fibres, connectors and devices across diverse sectors, medical, aerospace, sensor, telecommunications, defence and more.

Fibre Optic cables have been used to transmit information for over 50 years, being constantly developed along the way. They now connect the world and allow communication to evolve continuously, overcoming one challenge after another; from deep sea cables that enabled the first telegram, to micro-fibre optics now deployed in space and other extreme environments.


Alker have worked hard for over 35 years to reduce the modern limitations of fibre optics communications and development, to connect the future world like never before. As such, we’ve developed a wide range of unique and bespoke products and solutions to overcome challenges presented by engineers and projects in a variety of industries, and have addressed and overcome the following challenges.


Developing and extending fibre optic cables

Fibre splicing is typically done when there is a need to connect two cables to develop a system or extend communication reach, and can be performed with a fusion arc or a precise mechanical tool. In either case, vulnerable individual fibres need to be safely fixed in place and shielded to prevent damage from excessive handling, pulling, bending or crushing.

A fibre optic splice enclosure is a device specially designed to provide maximum protection for the sensitive fibres that were exposed by splicing.

Alker has designed an innovative range of inline enclosures that stands above any competing products currently available in the market. The enclosures have numerous advanced features that greatly emphasise the practical benefits, including:


  • Fibres from both cables are kept separate within management trays, thus reducing the possibility that spare fibres might become entangled and making it easier for the operator to redo the splicing or add another connection whenever the need arises.
  • Once fibres are spliced, the operator can conveniently wrap them around the inner pipe until all slack has been used up. After this is done, the splice protector can be simply pushed into the proper position within the central locating wheel.
  • An outer sealing pipe slides over the inner pipe and the enclosed fibres. It fits very tightly, making the enclosure completely weatherproof and keeping the fibres away from accidental contact.


Exposure to harsh environments

There are many applications requiring fibre optics to work in extreme temperatures, wet or dry environments, or enduring excessive vibration. Harsh terrain and extreme environments put fibre optics at risk, with one breakage disrupting the whole network.

To prolong the life and effectiveness of fibre optic cables, effective armouring is required. There are a variety of armouring solutions, each of which can be applied to different industries and conditions. These include;


  • Stainless Steel Armouring
  • Sacrificial assemblies, connected in order to protect the main assembly
  • Polarisation and Maintenance (PM) Armoured Optics
  • Armoured Leads for High Temperatures
  • Micro Armoured (5mm diameter) 90 Degree Curved Connector Boot


Inherent Fragility

Fibre optics are very delicate cables, and whilst you can armour the outside of the cable to prevent environmentally-caused damage, the inner workings of this intricate technology are inherently fragile.

Many fibre optic connectors have two parts: male and female. Both are subjected to damage on the ferrule end faces restricting or preventing the signal from travelling through the fibre optic assembly.


To combat this, Alker have produced the first fibre optic ferrule, pin & socket end face re-polishing tool for damaged military specification multi pin connectors; Alkerme™. A once obstructed fibre can now return to transmission extending the in-service life of assemblies or equipment and reducing both downtime costs and significant replacement costs. The Alkerme™ can be adapted to fit almost any fibre optic connector.


Alker is a pioneer in the field of innovation, design and manufacture of fibre optic assemblies for harsh environments and engineering solutions. We work closely with our clients to develop, test and implement innovative solutions that help to connect the future world.


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