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Alker is also able to provide bespoke inspection and cleaning tips for your equipment and your assets.

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BAE Systems plc is a British multinational arms, security, and aerospace company. Using their advanced defence technology to protect people and national security, keeping critical information and infrastructure secure.


Existing multi pin connectors were made of both copper and fibre making them difficult to clean effectively due to the vulnerability of the parts. Harsh environments experienced by the Typhoons mean they are vulnerable to dirt and contamination spreading to the end of the ferrule. When mating and unmating, the end face of fibres get dirty which can cover the diameter of the fibre optic, which reduces or stops the transmission.


To design an inspection and cleaning kit for all fibre optics used within the Typhoon Fighter jet. Educate and training of the maintenance support personnel of the need to inspect and clean the end face of the fibres each time they mates and un-mate connectors.


  • Microscope to inspect termini end faces for debris or damage.
  • Can be used with both singlemode and multimode fibres.
  • Designed for military multiway ferrule connectors.
  • No need to remove termini/ferrule from connector, saving time and minimising the risk of damage.
  • Prototypes manufactured, tested approved and ordered for multiple kits in use across Saudi Arabia with stock holding agreement for immediate shipping worldwide.
  • Angled cleaning available for difficult to reach places, designed to clean fibre optic patchcords, pigtails and adapters of all types.

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At Alker we have more than 35 years’ experience in the fibre optic industry, our engineers are able to break down existing connectors to determine the most appropriate course of action to carry out a repair, redesign or have new parts manufactured to extend the life of your system.

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